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“This is refreshing! It allows me to seriously study the possibilities cyberspace has to offer.”

S.B., grfn.org


“After reading this Web site, I have become very interested in the ideas of Neothink.”

A.B., mcgill.ca, Canada


“Very cool-insightful. I believe we need a BIG change NOW old politics should be a thing of the past. THANX”

K.K., aol.com


“Dear Friends: I really appreciate and recognize that this company is spearheading the development of the humanity through this web page. The Neothink books are the most exciting books I’ve ever read and they helped me a lot. Thank you to all those men and women who work for Neothink in order to get a better world free of mysticism and the parasitical elite class.”

A.C., com.mx


“The site is quite extensive with additional information I have been able to connect with my copy of Neothink. I will visit again!”

D.K., earthlink.net


“On my quest for knowledge I stumbled into this site. I think that it’s a great website. After visiting it I went to other Neothink web sites. Now I am a convinced about profound honesty. I am also very excited about the O.V.M. I would like to become part of the Cyberspace Revolution.”

J.L., ca.us


“I have found your NEOTHINK web site to be very interesting. It has opened my mind with new thoughts and questions. I can see where I could be controlled by cheaters, I ‘m sure my life is shaped according to someone else’s needs other than my own. To be in control of one’s own life, would surely be in their own best interest. I have read all the pages on your website. I can tell you now; I have a lot of rethinking to do.”

J.D., leblink.com


“Insightful and very well done. There seems to be a lot of truth to these writings and they make sense.”

R.C., fl.us


“Neothink literature reflects the foundation of future.”

V.P., co.us


D.P., infinitytx.net

“I now believe I have made what could be considered the discovery of a life time — Neothink.”


M.G., prodigy.com

“Neothink certainly is the way to go into the 21st. Century.  Innovative and reliable.”


A.M., stratos.net

“The truth *and* honesty on your site are refreshing.”


M.B., virgin.net, United Kingdom

“It has changed my life. Keep up the excellent work!”


B.H., atk.com

“It sounds like you are really on to something valuable. I intend to investigate this further.”


B.E., aol.com

“Honesty is an excellent concept.”



“I first heard of Neothink through Alan Grant’s ‘Anarky’ comic (the reading list in back is a great idea). My first impression of the site was of the incredible amount of information it contained.  My first day on I read through ‘Neothink from Cyberspace’ and was very impressed. A first-class site all around.”

G.W., uu.net


“This is an intensely interesting site.”

C.W., infoave.net


“This is very exciting.”

C.W., infoave.net


“Very interesting, so far. I want to know more.”

F.T., infinitytx.net


“This is a most interesting web site. I would like to know more about Neothink and Neothink.”

Kris G., aol.com


“It is quite astonishing, a new world.”

H.R., uni-frankfurt.de, Germany


“This is great keep going”

A.B., aha.ru, Russia


“Stay on the web? You bet! Go for it! Take over cyberspace.  —-A long time Neothinkie”

A.C., att.net


“I am an avid reader, and I must say that the Neothink information is the most integrated, realistic, powerful collection of literature and philosophy that I have ever encountered, or been exposed to. It totally shatters the misconceptions and outright, deliberate lies and B.S. that are, in many cases, purposely propagated by the ‘powers that be.’ It gives the average person a way to truly understand what is really taking place on planet Earth. The world seems to be in a deep freeze, and most people are fast asleep, having no idea of what is happening, and how the world is changing so rapidly. This web site is a great way to introduce people to the Neothink concepts. Most people will not ever hear about Neothink, but will still be affected by it. I think that eventually, a critical mass of people will start a cascade of rationality and production that will not be able to be ignored by the backwards anti-civilization inhabitants, and then, the anti- civilization will be left behind forever. I would like to thank everyone at the Neothink center for their work and dedication to the eradication of mysticism and cheating. “

D.D., psi.net


“Thought provoking Web-site, that provides the mind with ideas that will change the essence of current world ideology!!”

M.G., compuserve.com, United Kingdom


“I am using Neothink every day in every way. Thank you for keeping this knowledge alive and please continue making it accessible to as many people as possible.”

P.P., jaring.my, Malaysia


“Your ideas are extremely valuable and liberating. Please continue with your campaign to vanish the parasites and scum who leech off the honesty and effort of business-oriented people.”

P.R., ituh.com, United Kingdom


“I find it to be both interesting and inspiring. Certainly a time to look forward to!”

P.H., globalserve.net, Canada


“I find it to be both interesting and inspiring. Certainly a time to look forward to!”

G.A., nb.ca, Canada

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