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“Program is very intriguing.”

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“This is a good web site. It uses a very good combinations of text and pictures.”

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“I enjoy visiting this place because of the cause. Individuality.  I have been practicing Fully-Integrated Honesty for a while and found it to be great at first I used it in a mystical way and ended up losing some of myself but over time I am earning it back and I thank you, and hope that in the future all parasites will come to an end. Thank You”

M.G., lkdllink.net


“I stumbled across this site and found it very interesting. I look forward to seeing your information.”

G.P., delanet.com


“I have always agreed in full with the principles of Objectivism, but have been skeptical of its dictatorial leaders and their cult-like following. Neothink is OBJECTIVISM APPLIED CONSISTENTLY to all areas. Thank you.”

M.W., nv.us


“I am amazed at the size of this web site.”

H.Z., com.au, Australia


“Everyone with an ounce of sense should turn to it. A clear, powerful mind is the prerequisite to anyone’s journey through life and this site provides the starting point. It is a technical masterpiece as well.”

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“My #1 Web site. You have opened doors which I knew not were there. Keep up the excellent work. Bravo.”

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“I am profoundly glad to have access to the most important information ever available to the human race.”

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“This is my first visit to your site. I have only very recently read a little about Neothink (as in the last 5 minutes) in the 3MM magazine. It is the first time I have heard of Neothink. I admit to only glancing at your site at this stage, but have seen enough to become excited. I am certainly interested in discovering more about Neothink and look forward to receiving the above information. I have had access to the Internet for only two weeks and am amazed at the information available. Your web site was easy to locate and easy to follow. Thank you.”

Z.W., co.nz, New Zealand


“Good site, lots of information, easily traversed.”

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“I am an owner of Neothink and I must say I find this Web site the perfect back up for the Neothink advantages.”

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“I am impressed by the Neothink information.”

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“Very interesting site and a lot of good information. I think Hamilton is addressing some very important aspects of our culture which we all know, but often deny. Seems like what he is describing accounts from much of what we see in government, corporate business, media, etc. I enjoy his works very much and hope people become more aware of the issues he is addressing.”

S.M., gnn.com


“My first experience with a codified philosophy online… I appreciate an ideology based on honesty.”

M.M., nv.us


“I think that Neothink is wonderful reading. I can’t wait to receive the package for I’ve heard so much about it. I just receive my computer and had to research this topic. I so glad that you are on the web.”

M.B., nv.us


“Wow! I’m an Objectivist, but have recently been having some doubts about my Objectivism and Objectivism in general. There seems to be a missing link, something that indicated that objectivism wasn’t quite right, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. The Neothink stuff at least provides a metaphoric answer to that missing link. This is compelling stuff. A useful tool.”

S.B., tivoli.com


“Great website! I own the Neothink discovery and it is A number

1!!!!!! Long Live Neothink forever!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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“You are exposing my best moves. How is a card player to make a living. GREAT STUFF!”

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“My thoughts have been awakened by the ideas and concepts brought about in this realm of thought. I am very much looking forward to receiving the material on Neothink!”

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“I think that it has invaluable information.”

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“I will undoubtedly come back to this and browse through the text as it seems to contain some great material.”

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“I was curious at first, fortunately, I kept on reading. It’s great to find something on the Net that is truly worth the effort of reading all the way through.”

D.L., co.uk, United Kingdom


“After reading the information on this site, I feel excited, exhilarated, hopeful in terms of the have-nots accessing the privileges of the haves.”

J.T., aol.com


“I have always been fascinated with the mind but could never figure out how to tap into its real power. This web site is so exciting it’s scary. It’s scary to imagine a world where everyone is in touch with true reality.”

B.C., aol.com


“I haven’t completed all nine chapters of your Neothink Treatise, but the first two chapters have me entirely intrigued.”

P.R., sgi.net


“Your web site is really cool!”

G.R., co.pi, Philippines


“This website is very extensive. After receiving information in the mail about Neothink, my curiosity was piqued enough to check out the website. It has definitely caught my interest. I have bookmarked the address because I know I will be making many trips back to this website”

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“I really enjoyed your book as it fired my imagination and motivation into acting. I will start my own business on the internet in the marketing field. I was thinking about it but now I will act on it. Thank you very much!”

F.P., quebectel.com, Canada


“I stumbled on this site and I am pleasantly surprised at what I have found; I feel that Neothink have cut through all the cyberspace hype to present a real look at the future new world order.”

C.S., msn.com, England


“I have just tapped into Neothink recently and I am looking forward to completing this journey. This web site is testimony to improving the www. through positive information.”

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“Very interesting. You have sent me several mailings. I just thought it was a con. After reading about Neothink method #47, brain-picking, I was very impressed.”

C.F., ruraltel.net


“It makes sense. I feel like I walked into a dark room and found the light switch. Thanks tons.”

D.B., nv.us


“I found your copy very interesting.”

K.B., aol.com


“The Neothink site is growing into the most educational and exciting of all of the web sites that I browse. With the arrival of multimedia and interaction to this site, it will be the enhancement that knocks-out all the rest!”

J.R., aol.com


“I think Neothink is the most important discovery in recent human history.”

M.C., nv.us


“I have begun reading these pages and am keenly interested. I cannot remember how I was drawn to this page but am glad I discovered it to learn a new theory on wealth in America!!! Thank you for putting this page out to public viewing. I expect that many will think the theory too deep and not read all. I plan to read all as that is how theories derive, from knowledge and diverse knowledge.”

M.S., madriver.com


“I am an owner of Neothink and find it the most fascinating document I have read to date. I wish I could get copies of this document to all my friends.”

E.E., co.de, Germany


“I have visited lots of web sites. This is a wonderful site I must say.”

K.P., net.sg, Singapore


“It’s wonderful!”

T.W., zbox.com, P.R.China


“I think this is a great web site, I’m a Mexican, a country where neo-cheating is growing as you may not expect and the material on this web-site will help the producers to succeed”

S.U., net.mx, Mexico


“I found the information here extremely informative and I plan to put it to good use. This is a must-see web site for anyone interested in winning.”

P.G., gate.net


“This is the most exciting web site I have ever visited. If ever there was a time that needed the power your organization offers it is now. Thank you for starting to change my life for the better.”

R.E., com.au, Australia


“I think this web site has a lot to offer people looking to better their lives.”

T.B., colostate.edu


“I would like to congratulate Neothink Publishing Co on this web site. The information is invaluable to all the individuals of this world.  Please keep diversifying the message in as many ways as you can.  Not everyone marches to the beat of the same drummer. It is obvious that you understand this. Without the very concepts that embody Neothink, I would have lost all vision of the future of mankind as any other than a relentless repetition that would eventually lead to our destruction. So, keep climbing to the tree-tops and spreading the word”

J.H., cvtv.net


“Excellent. Not filled with time consuming graphics and an invaluable bookmark to anyone seeking happiness.”

R.S., com.au, Australia


“Unbelievably exciting and interesting.”

Y.L., net.sg, Singapore


“This is a wonderful web site. I gain a lot of knowledge about your product.”

F.Q., il.us


“I just finished reading the book Neothink, and I find the idea of a totally free and rational society intoxicating. I look forward to learning more about Neothink, and thank you for helping me to unleash more of my potential through Neothink.”

J.C., empirenet.com




“Neothink is an incredible mind expanding journey to infinity in which boundless success & happiness are achievable & realistic. Thank you for the opportunity to fully integrate the 114 point matrix.”

S.H., il.us


“If there is a heaven, then I guess it’s here at Neothink.”

K.W., jaring.my, Malaysia


“This is without a doubt the most important web site on the Internet. The information and knowledge I receive from this site and the other NEOTHINK books I have read has changed my life. I now foresee a very bright future. Thank You.”

C.C., ios.com


“I just started discovering this site through a client – it is like going on an adventure, thrilled because you know after every curb, behind every tree or bush, there will be new discoveries to be made, new insights to be gained. Yet at the same time, it seems all in a very strange way so familiar, peaceful, even soothing ! Wondrous !”

H.V., glo.be, Belgium


“Awesome site and info!”

H.H., netgazer.net


“The topic is fascinating. I can easily spend hours reading this material.”

C.W., aol.com


“I spent the last 15 minutes reading about ‘The Origin of

Consciousness’.  It is the most incredible information. I’ve ever read. Incidentally, I ordered my first materials from Neothink about 8 years ago. Everything I ‘thought’ my whole life but could never fully grasp, was right there in black and white. Thank you immensely for having the drive, passion, commitment, self faith, initiative, etc. to put this information to the masses.”

R.S., mutuals.com


“I own the Neothink Discovery and was happy to see the ‘advantage of the day’, I would like to be able to print up the advantages so I can take them with we to read for support. I find I cannot always carry around the book and I care to much about it to possibly ruin it. I really like the web page and hope everyone would read it.”

C.B., pconline.com


“I stumbled on this site by ‘mistake’ but looks fantastic – nice to see someone looking at alternative economics and something positive. Well done!!”

P.B., co.nz, New Zealand


“Hello! This WEB-side is really great! I enjoy it every day.”

M.H., online.de, Germany


“I agree with everything I’ve read so far. I’m a big Ayn Rand fan, but Objectivism doesn’t offer anything positive enough. Fear of death is what drives people to believe those Christian myths.”

S.S., aol.com


“Extremely informative and enlightening!! A must read for people that need some incentive to become value producers for themselves and society. Worth the research!!!”

F.V., fl.us


“By far the best site on the web. I have been a customer since 1990. Can’t express in words the tremendous values obtained.”

S.N., il.us


“I am new to this site but feel it could have some opportunity in exploring the powers of the mind. I do like it so far!”

G.G., thepentagon.com, Canada


“Well organized, easy to use, search system. Like a global library or data base”

G.K., mi.us


“This website is very different and yet quite inspiring. There seems to be too much non-sense on the Internet these days.  Individuals keep hashing out the same old topics over and over again. Your page is a gem. Not only is the content outstanding, but the design and functionality of the page is great! Thank you.”

R.D., netxpress.com


“Very thought-provoking-Excellent Web Site! Please send Me More Information!”

T.B., aol.com

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