Allow me to introduce you to a million-page collection of Highly Guarded Secrets.  A collection that began in the early 1970’s as one scientist’s lone search for Honesty; in a very dishonest world.  A collection of Prime Literature that dissolves the illusions that keep most people hostage.  A roadmap if you will that explains the very fabric of life; whether observing the cosmos or dissecting a micro-organism.

Millions of people worldwide have applied the vast knowledge contained within these Multigenerational Manuscripts to rediscover the “Child of the Past”, buried deep within each of us.  Do you remember a time when you KNEW that anything was possible as you were busy absorbing the vibrations of life?  Where has that child of wonder gone?  Did that “Child of the Past” die, or is that child Alive and Well?

Does not every moment of our lives demand for us, to get busy living or get busy dying?  I’ve heard it said that a great tragedy occurs to some even before death; as they allow things to die inside themselves, while they are still alive!  A spring of life awaits your eager mind and weary eyes within the pages of these manuscripts; these multigenerational manuscripts.  A gift for you to read, enjoy and hand down to your children, as they grow to learn and harness the secrets of the universe.  Your grandchildren and great grandchildren will speak fondly of you, as they realize you brought about lasting change within yourself first, which Self-Empowered the masses.

Have we not all, at one time or another, searched for the Secrets to Life?  Your search is finally over, for you have found what you seek.  The collective lifetime works of generations of highly integrated writers, edited by time itself.  A journey you may customize, to embark upon a vector of value creation; unique to your life experiences and to your individual Essence.  Complete Happiness, Prosperity and Romantic Love are now within your reach!

John M. Smrek – Member

  1. #1 by Marc Manspeaker on January 25, 2011 - 1:17 PM

    There are millions of starships that are in the solar system which are traveling throw black holes and where recently created. I saw through the hole and viewed a plane of existence the size of a gallexcy. This gallexcy/Plane of Existence was a harbor of multimillions of War Ships with the same geo-metric design that I had sculpted out of plaster of paris. The message and discovery of the use and intention of these war ships was so terrifing that I had to discard the design into the trash. I had a “within” meeting with someone who kept telling me to “read a Book called Dionetics”. I told that communication I was reading Neothink World. I also had a communication with the designer of these War Ships. I learned and decided to stop the Totalitarian War Ships by means of my own. They where destroying and harvesting humanity. They where harvesting the energy of all humanity and the energy of the Universe in order to destroy all. This was either a server C of U right brain discovory of the most destructive for of Dionetics known. If this message can be used to deter or stop this dangerous society of Dionetics please relay to as many as possible. The World Order has destroyed the County of Maricopa, Arizona. The World Order building in downtown Phoenix is one of my designs. They have deceived me. I have been through the Mirror of the World Order Building many times.

    Marc Manspeaker


    I am not sure what year it is.

  2. #2 by marc manspeaker on November 29, 2011 - 12:25 PM

    The rebuilding of McDowell Rd. from 59h. Ave. to Central will need to be under consideration for development and repair for the Religion of Total Body Transplant. Which will include the Neothink Constitution.

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