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“I am astounded as to how weird some of the writings seem but how much I realize that I actually agree with everything I’m reading.  My mind is in a tizzy at this point and I’m anxious to hear/read much more.”

B.H., pobox.com



M.H., huntleigh.net


“I find this site to be very provocative”

W.H., aol.com


“I have prospered by integrating and using this knowledge. I have seen the predictions of a Neothink mind unfold and see the coming of the new age rapidly approaching.”

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“Mysticism is truly useless. Let us all pursue its extinction immediately! Neothink flows through my mind unblocked by mysticism! I am Neothink. My children will be Neothink. My business is Neothink. My new international business hyperstructure will deliver Neothink into the hands of 100 million individuals.  The end of the irrational/mystical is here! End of the Line.”

M.C., dialsprint.net

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