Do you think most people really understand you? It is rare for someone to be honestly searching for the truth about reality. Without honest effort your talking to walls and you know this to be true. People follow you like they follow any religion or Ophra, blindly.
I had picketers telling my mom “I would be brainwashed” if she took me in this certain facility, my mom replied “his brain needs washing”. She”s a funny lady, and she meant well. I believe you mean well, and do not envy the stand you have chose to make. I see how you use deceptive tactics to draw new people in then you drop your bombs. I have no problem with these tactics, many people would avoid you if you didn’t. Be nice if you didn”t have to preach(who wants to come across like religion) and there were enough people just leading by example to make your change.
I have read “inside secrets”, many times. I was alone with this book, often wishing I had someone, anyone to bounce my new thought off. The first thing i noticed was the simplicity and obvious. I always knew some answers I was looking for were right in front of my face. I felt very alone at first. I had decided on my own there was no god when shortly after I purchased my book. Everything I’ve read told me I would be happier living in reality, I was just scared and confused. Belief in a higher power is crippling and difficult to escape. It took me a good two yrs to get where I am now, I will never be capable of believing in a higher power again. Thank you for clearing some things up for me. I don”t know if related but I seem to have control. I feel smarter, depression and anxiety are gone, I struggled with them forever(pretty cool). Do you see how depression has become the in thing? I have a feeling you may understand why.
I have three daughters and divorced. I don’t like to ask for advice but curious how you think some info and what info would be beneficial to share with my daughters.
Thanks for info, i was upset at first that i couldn”t be in your group(was very poor at the time) but over that. Only I can can make me happy.
Thanks again, good luck(joke)

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