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I was skeptical about this whole Neothink scheme when my mom’s husband brought over the book he bought for so much money, talking what sounded like nonsense (it was) about puzzles and keys and secrets that made Plato and Galileo successful. I wonder whether most people who read this book understand its philosophy. Having studied Objectivism and stoicism, and recently about high-functioning autism and ADD, I found the Neothink book to be well-written and a nice, friendly, humanistic approach to a philosophical essence that has in the past been so elitist and antagonistic as to leave all but the select few in the dark forever.
Of course, the elitism and secrecy of the current Neothink organization(s) still leaves most people in the dark, and the snake oil salesmanship and heavy marketing probably turn off many people who would otherwise truly understand and appreciate this philosophy and its manifestations. I am curious as to what might come of this grand experiment, and while I am not currently wealthy enough to buy in to the Neothink structure I will be watching from the wings to see how/if ‘neothink’ works its way into general society. (I am working on ways to shift the music industry towards a model that connects people with the musicians, making music a personal experience and less of a mass-marketed big business monopoly. It’s a grand idea, but so far not one that is making me money.)

Oh, and by the way, why autism? Well, many high-functioning autistics already thing in images and concept/image networks, not words. And, ADD/ADHD people tend to be able to process more information at once, which makes them bored and fidgety when they don’t have enough different things to be processing, but I’ve wondered for decades whether mankind is evolving towards ADD and high-functioning autism as normal healthy brain patterns.