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I had listened to Mr. mark Hamilton’s speech on the Prime Laws. If I can state, I know what it is like to have fraud and threat of force against me. My past is a resemblance of exactly what Mr. Mark Hamilton spoke of in his Prime Law Speech.

I had been wrongly incarcerated in the past and was prevented from my free choice rights because of errors made by a governing body. I had fraud and forgery take place against a TCF Bank account I had when attempting to sign up for college and away from being able to protect my own valuables. That case was a result of a few citizens that forged my checks. I filled out complaint forms that went un resolved and un investigated by the athourities that were supposed to resolve the said issue … and to this day I am still on a check system with the Banks despite the legal forms I had filled out and the departments where they were filed.

To have the Prime Laws take place, (or) if the Prime laws were in place currently then I would had been able to open a bank account and my case would had been investigated and resolved. Yet, case in point of something mentioned in Mr Hamilton’s speech he stated “consequences” in current law that prevents the Making the People Rich that prevent riches. So, what would be the consequences of others who stolen my checks and forged then and even stolen my State I.D. ? Does the Prime Laws believe in places like prison of those that had broken the law? The needs to be some mentioned of what force is the contexts of if someone does something wrong to a society member of those that are just a citizens, etc.

I know what happened to Mr. Mark Hamilton’s Dad. That happened to me in the past. It may not be too late to resolve the past, clean his Dad’s record and all of those that are a part of society or not.

If anyone wants to believe that corruption had existed and did exist I’d fully agree with you. If there are others out there that believe not everything that could had been done to resolve issues of the Globe and Mankind because of corruption, fraud, or abuse of power, or even inisitory force agaisnt the well being of a country besides it’s neighboring countires and their people, there is belief the same in just about every current living human being besides myself.

I had seen corruption take place, and had seen fraud take place of those that hold a certificate that state they can do that because of their powers of their position(s).

Crime and punishment… how is that defined when the Prime Laws do take place, of which they will. Force used against those that had committed fraud and or damage of a persons self or property… is not that much different then the way current law is run. Yet there is a difference, and that difference is the Prime Laws simple concepts weighed against the way the constitution is written long ago and so many case laws that can twist truth around in manipulation. I seen case laws in legal books that destroy even the very nature of how the constitution was originally written. because of case law alone the constitution became illegal against it’s own people.

The first Amendment Rights, “Freedom of Press and Freedom of speech and freedom of choice”. That Amendment has problems of its own as some things said are threatening and some things written are threatening in the very way they appear and are designed to look when stated or written, which is called cognitive infiltration, which is hurting someone by what is said or written. There isn’t a right in the First Amendment Rights to speak in harm of anyway to anyone, or to write what is planned against a person for no reason at all. Yet if it is written as a statement against a person as a result of harm another party or person had done first then force is used necessarily to resolve the issue brought fourth. Does this require a judicial system like a court house?

The Prime Laws, don’t twist the law, it is defined in one way, the two prior being what’s next in resolve is a person or a country or a group over steps its boundries. It isn’t filled with numerous amounts of other point in case law that has to be reviewed. yet even in Prime Law if a entity makes a statement of something that had taken place against the better interest of another… investigation must still take place to validate the claims made, which requires an honest working police force. If a report is made of fraud or identity theft or forgery takes place and a police report is filled out, then it should be investigated and the guilty party must pay for the damages through consequences of some type of “What do we do to the persons who forged my checks?” Make them pay TCF Bank back, and incarcerate them, or how would they be able to pay the banks back if they are incarcerated first, as any person who forges a check doesn’t have money to begin with.

The guy that flew his plane into a building in Texas, he did so as a result of not being able to produce his own value for his own wealth which was in software. There was an IRS tax law I looked up that prevent software from being made as it would create a millionaire or a billionaire, etc.

Current Laws that have natural function, like stop lights, to stop at the stop light when it turns red is common. In the Prime Laws once in place, if a person goes through a stop light when it is red, how does the Prime Law apply? In the same way?

The right to bear arms, how does that apply? the right to bear arms isn’t filled in written law of the many different requirements to own a firearm. The right to bear arms does that give the single man woman and child the ability to own a weapon to protect their selves first before having to wait to call the Police Department up to have them show up in due time to resolve the threat that had taken place in any situation, which is a loss of time in that case of a persons own rights to be able to protect their self first before calling the police department.

If the first Prime Law is broken, does the first prime Law give legal right to a man woman and child to use their own force? How do others justify a person using force when they view it from an outside perspective. I say that because everyone see’s things in a different way by opinion before anything that is studied in law. The Prime Law, if it was unified as a whole entirety everyone would be able to protect their selves from force and fraud or threat, etc., with a follow up group such as the police department to investigate the claim made to make sure force was used without fraud of the first Prime Law. Investigation(s) would still resume for rights, equal rights.

The Prime Law does simplify an otherwise overly complex system. Yet it is commented on making the people rich mainly in the speech. Which if verbal contract by one Publishers wasn’t broken so many years ago I would had at least three published books… at least. In the Prime Law it states issues in regards of contract, which is a indemity term, or called contractual indemity in current law. Now if a contract is broken due to the failure of a company provider of issues dealing with poor product design for the reason why a contract was broken… say a cellular phone service … a cell phone that had to be replaced too many times as a result of poor quality of a product and the company failed to address the consumers complaint much less adhear to what the consumer had stated about a poor product and over charges due to the defect in the manufactured product, indemity contracts wouldn’t apply as a Company that didn’t listen to a consumer of a complaint made of a product, which if the complaint was listened to and the rights of the citizen who bought the cell phone were investigated then an indemity contract wouldn’t had been broken as the on time paying consumer would had felt their rights were given by the product designer and manufacturer of the product. I write the aforementioned as a result of knowing my Dad and the many faults in electronic items from phones to radio’s, to TV’s, to even computers. In such a case eletronic items are not meant to be used as a football they are very delicate, yet the way they are advertised it makes them appear versitile and citizens believe in rugged use of an electronic item. Yet the manufacturer knows that those items are supposed to be handled with care and not moved around or thrown or even dropped, etc. Warrenties of products hadn’t always stood up to the consumers welfare either of indemities by product designers and manufactures when a fault of a product is discovered.

I’m a Child of the Universe myself, no different then anyone else, and when I had read the Prime Laws, and also know the laws in the law library much more then the constitution there is a sign of relief on basic rights applicable to the welfare of each human and their monetary units. It is a recovery of wellness by being (humanly and physically) and of monetary denominations when the prime laws are used without fraud or force, yet would be an easier more time consuming process of Law other then the current laws in place. The current laws require way way too much time to resolve an issue small or large, I know that personally . I had been through the system, and I am a firm standing believer in Mr. Mark Hamilton’s writings as well as his Father’s!

So, let’s Amend the Constitution with the Prime Laws. The Neothink Society and the Global Information Network is already designed as a “type” of political party by the laws that had been written. Only the application of Amending the Constitution is necessary now, right now by having one of the Neothink members approach the government to form a new party and apply the standards of the Prime Laws to Amend the constitution.

There are loop holes in everything, yet the Prime Laws as written doesn’t have loop holes, it has simple stated written, easy to comprehend and understand context that would radically alter the course of the surface of Earth and civilization forever for the better. Imagine then being able to ride a elevator to space on a carbon tether, or driving in an all electric car by having the choice to buy an electric car. Being the fact of the current First Amendment rights, “Freedom of Choice” I believe products were prevented from freedom of choice because of a ruling agenda that doesn’t want to loose it’s own wealth and wants control over man woman and child for their own purpose, and some of these simple product designs had been out there for such length yet had been limited to be marketed , of which if those products were marketed wealth would had been abundant everywhere. There is innovation in everyone. If processes were easier to create a market for each and every person to sell their working invention there would be greater wealth out there now. And I do believe that that wealth wasn’t allowed due to the past ruling class that didn’t want others to own and create wealth, as money also creates power allegedly . Mind and thought is true to power, and honesty in rulings. I had been down a line were I had put fourth every insight into honesty until I had become verbally out of line at times from being so fustrated at the ruling class that didn’t care to resolve my issues I had reported that were criminal actions that took place against me. So, because so I will never turn back, I will hold and maintain believe in my core beliefs of Neothink Society and the Global Information Network and each and everyone of it’s members.

Member of Neothink Society and believer in Doctor Wallace and Mr. Mark Hamilton,
Patrick B. Rasmusson

I wish everyone a great new year.

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