I was skeptical about this whole Neothink scheme when my mom’s husband brought over the book he bought for so much money, talking what sounded like nonsense (it was) about puzzles and keys and secrets that made Plato and Galileo successful. I wonder whether most people who read this book understand its philosophy. Having studied Objectivism and stoicism, and recently about high-functioning autism and ADD, I found the Neothink book to be well-written and a nice, friendly, humanistic approach to a philosophical essence that has in the past been so elitist and antagonistic as to leave all but the select few in the dark forever.
Of course, the elitism and secrecy of the current Neothink organization(s) still leaves most people in the dark, and the snake oil salesmanship and heavy marketing probably turn off many people who would otherwise truly understand and appreciate this philosophy and its manifestations. I am curious as to what might come of this grand experiment, and while I am not currently wealthy enough to buy in to the Neothink structure I will be watching from the wings to see how/if ‘neothink’ works its way into general society. (I am working on ways to shift the music industry towards a model that connects people with the musicians, making music a personal experience and less of a mass-marketed big business monopoly. It’s a grand idea, but so far not one that is making me money.)

Oh, and by the way, why autism? Well, many high-functioning autistics already thing in images and concept/image networks, not words. And, ADD/ADHD people tend to be able to process more information at once, which makes them bored and fidgety when they don’t have enough different things to be processing, but I’ve wondered for decades whether mankind is evolving towards ADD and high-functioning autism as normal healthy brain patterns.


  1. #1 by Alicia Love on August 27, 2010 - 1:18 PM

    This is interesting, but yes I too want to do something different with the music industry and i want to help artist get exposure but educate them how to do more than make good music. Man good story have a good day!!! Hopefully oneday we can network more and others.

  2. #2 by Ray Rico on September 2, 2015 - 1:30 PM

    I want to make a general comment
    yes I have been bombarded by the marketing of the Neothink concept. I am in awe of this so much that it scares me and not in a bad way. I bought the first book in 2013 and have yet to purchase the second due to lack of money as I have not worked in the last two years, lets just say to mental problems nothing serious im 48 yrs old and would love to be around like minded people like you (mark) I do believe I have something to offer mankind in a humanistic manner but I am not sure what it is at this time. take care my friend and I do hope to meet you one day
    Ray R.

  3. #3 by Dawn Morphew on November 3, 2016 - 1:31 PM

    I know that what i have just read is all old post I really wish to help these people,The music industry is huge,I am a singer song writer,Children’s book writer,I love to invent ,and i am learning marketing affiliating, But the money situation is holding me back,I can’t afford copyrights,patents,ex.yet,I have a lot of trust in my self,I know i will reach my goals,I will give it my all.My advice to you is to get the rest of marks books,They will teach you the road to power you are looking for,you can find some of marks books priced really cheep on amazon,I don’t know why someone is doing that,I would love to see the books in the hands of people chosen than not. thanks and i hope i helped someone,Keep moving forward!!!!!!

  4. #4 by Dawn Morphew on November 3, 2016 - 1:36 PM

    People are being born with an over abundance of the gifts,I know my son is bipolar,He will not accept the world for what it is,He must have control at all times,I am sure if we as parents do our best to first realize a connection, and teach our children to connect with their own inner child,Self,they can then gain momentum and some control ,For an example, I have always had high anxiety ,It can be under your control,and turned to energy,When you truly focus. Thank you for your time i hope i helped.

  5. #5 by Yassine on November 16, 2016 - 1:37 PM

    Hi, most of my life I had dreams, a lot of great ideas, but I was missing something, I couldnt make them real. I was lost, living without purpose nor with enough self esteem to go and start my real journey. Neo tech really helped me, to understand myself and people, I use the techniques in business, and in my personal life, and it works. I am happy for the first time in my life, I can see a life without limits, I want to help the brothers and sisters to become what they always wanted to be, its a difficult task. People dont like change specially if they have to remove wrong stuff. the books are not easy to understand, but just keep going, the puzzles will become clear. good luck guys.

  6. #6 by Whade on May 24, 2017 - 1:38 PM

    I am a long time reader of Dr. Frank R. Wallace’s,, “Neo-Tech”, (inclusive of an improved-Objectivism), which supplies a vast foundation for Neothink’s strengths.
    I feel a great passion to apply what I’ve learned since first studying NT in 1990, wishing to unite folks in whatever ways they are most excited about loving life.
    Money is nothing more than a poker table owned by others who prefer we don’t discover we’re playing a cradle-to-early-grave losing game. NT identifies in wide-scope logical terms how anyone can understand & win in the ‘neocheaters’ own venue…
    However, my personal understanding is that since money is an unnatural, dishonest & impossibly 2-dimensional illusionary representation of value in a 3D real-value Universe, I don’t wish to play there…it is undependable & usurious as a storehouse for my life’s creative energies. Compromised by its guarantee of being stolen or skimmed by parasites & poli-tic[k]s, it is an axiomatic failure in gaining me abiding happiness.

    Many of you will be thrilled at the prospects offered to you by UBUNTU Contributionism. It’s a truly cosmic supplement to NT, both of which I harbour a vision of helping to mind-meld together, recognizing that #PrimeLawContributionism is one outcome along with the further melding of 3 other necessary elements which naturally, consciously & unavoidably rebuild guaranteed permanent, Universal “Eden” for every man, woman & child.
    NT, UBUNTU Contributionism, Ayfaar/Iissiidiology, KfSSI, & Aboriginal humanity all need each other like grass needs dew…whether they yet recognize this reality or not, none can build Eden without each other…
    …ultimately encompassing all known-possible subgroups & individual humanity.

    Check out Contributionism’s Michael Tellinger for a variety of videos where he lays out how to become rich outside of any money system. In essense, how to leave filty lucré behind & ostracize the ‘blackhats’ to choke on it peacefully at their own table, & thus we evolve in virus-free abiding happiness!

    Hope it’s useful info…
    Best of riches with your passions!
    Love of Life to us all!
    ~Whade, Canada

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