J.Z., nodak.edu, Canada

“I just want to say: Go, Go, Neothink Go! Teach Us all you can.”



J.P., co.uk, England

“I found your site very influencing, aiding me in all my decisions and allowing me to detect the menace of the cheaters.”
L.S., athenet.net

“Very interesting site and concepts. I happen to agree that our society has too many parasites disguised as so called professionals and experts that lead you to believe that their destructive view is better for the common good. There is no such thing as the common good.”


D.D., compuserve.com

“Neothink is the only chance we have…….”


D.H., hotmail.com

“By all means keep it on the web. For when the truth or the light is shining people don’t want to see it and they love to put it out.  So by all means stay on the net.”

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