April Posts

“I find Neothink very interesting, and informative. I am looking forward to learning more.”


J.Z., nodak.edu, Canada

“I just want to say: Go, Go, Neothink Go! Teach Us all you can.”



J.P., co.uk, England

“I found your site very influencing, aiding me in all my decisions and allowing me to detect the menace of the cheaters.”


N.C., co.uk, England, UK

“Insightful and wonderful, a truly unique web site unlike any other. Everyone should visit this site.”


F.B., newhaven.edu

“The article about ‘spotting and dumping of the criminal mind’ appendix III is excellent and I would like to commend the author. I came across this site accidentally, but I am impressed by the writing and I hope this site will continue.”

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