R.E., pty.com, Rep. of Panama

“After reading Neothink, I am not afraid anymore, I am free of mysticism, I rely on myself and do not seek nor follow external authorities of any sort.”


M.K., dialsprint.net

“The Neothink web site provides a fast and easy way for me to share the information with others. I have turned on many people to the web site who have found the information to be extremely helpful in their lives. As time goes on, they will have the opportunity to learn more and more via the web site. They, in turn, have shared the information with others, as they suddenly wake-up to the fact that they are surrounded by mysticism and people whose lives are to a greater or lesser degree based on dishonesty, denial, and lack of self-responsibility.”


R.S., ziplink.net

“This stuff looks pretty interesting.”


M.B., virgin.net, England

“I have gained a lot from the Neothink literature. Keep up the excellent work!”

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