Neothink Society

Was re-reading heirloom packages book two and three. In book two, what I had written as my form of an FNE is value creation of Science Business and Arts, for a sport I love cycling, riding my bicycle. Thugh in science, I study everything in science when I can. Business, we started working on two types of businesses, Secrets In Wood Made To Order, and one called Energy Anew, just as a forethought of two types of businesses, yet I am really a drywall taper and painter. The arts, I love to draw, paint pcitures and was waiting for the weloming mood to fill the blissful hues of colors on a canvass with every brush possible. I used to draww and paint and built when I was a boy very young, pre-kindergarden and grade school. Love innovation as well, and the Generational Manuscripts inspire those aforementioned qualities. I’ll try not to write a letter so long you would get a hernia just opening it up, I do have a passion to write as well, yet to write of what I studied or document what I had studied of any epihamy, or idea. The heirloom packages are well worth the money, and in the tird heirloom package I see were I am at and the other students. I still think they need to make a shpeirical CPU because data tranfering of I&O’s of switiches would be tremdously faster using an ambilical cord withnano tech wiring expaning 360 pie from every side of the spherical. Current CPU’s are a flat plain, ordinary to common ways man contemplates, inheirently that isn’t the physcial universe as all bodies of mass large or samm are shperical no matter how far you break them down. Put an atom under a micoscope and inside the nutron and the electron and the proton’s they have little balls in them that are sperical. And the same magnetic force that keeps all molecules or atoms together are the same forces that also apply to the Universe of every gallaxy. Well, the books are really awesome, alsomet one of the other 12. Might I say interesting of the nitty gritty details. And FORD is the only car company mentioned in the books. It’s great to own an Escape car… just a funny, we have a FORD Escape and looks as a pyrimid, it has a balance like the heavier then air F-22 raptor, or even the pyrimids, and is geometrically correct. When are they going to begin project sustain life?


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