“As I read, I can feel myself gaining in power and strength. I am hungry for more.”

J.W., hotmail.com, U.S.A.


“All I can say is WOW! So motivational, I know that this will be one of my primary sites in the future, I will visit you often.  Thank you very much for creating this kind of site into WWW.”

J.S., megabaud.fi, Finland


“YOUR INFO IS POWER. KEEP IT UP! Love to read the stuff you have on your site. IT’S ADDING TO MY MIND AND MAKING ME RICHER!”

J.W., swbell.net


“Free your mind through Neothink, And your soul shall follow.  Unleash your unrealized powers with Neothink. I love the values put forth through Neothink.”

S.N., hotmail.com, U.S.


“I love Neothink material. Great stuff.”

C.G., compuserve.com, Germany


“Go Neothink. Complete freedom for Mark Hamilton from the criminally insane parasitical elite to continue his incredible work. All value producing individuals and Neothink readers support Mark Hamilton to collapse mysticism and to enhance freedom and prosperity for all value producing integrated individuals.”

H.N., co.nz, New Zealand


“Neothink is valuable information that can help people transform their lives Over the past two years I have scrutinized the information contained in the Neothink package. It has supreme value to those that apply it to their lives.”

D.B., aol.com, us


“It is just the best philosophical ideas I ever came across.”

Z.M., jaring.my, Malaysia



“I read through chapter 1-5 of Neothink last night and was surprised and amazed by the information I found there. Finally something that makes me think.”

E.S., co.za, South Africa


“I would like to thank everyone who helped bring out Neothink, In a metaphorical sense, it has turned me right-side-up in an up-side-down world. Without it I would be terribly confused about everything but with it, I have much WORTH IN MY SELF and a very controlled sense of direction and lots of self-esteem. Thanks! Oh yah, I’m only 23 years old and I spit on that ‘generation X’ label they try and stick on me!”

T.L., aol.com


“‘Fascinating!!!’ as Spock would say. I feel like I found a gold mine. I look forward to reading more to find out who put all this wisdom together. I love the vocabulary and perspective on this web page. I feel like I have rejoined a long lost platoon of warriors.  The enemies you name are the same that I have been fighting.”

J.S., gmeds.com

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